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There Will Be Cake!

My youngest sister’s eldest child, a son, turns 16 on April 22, 2009, which is Earth Day. He takes the blessing of being born on Earth Day quite seriously and has been involved in community service that has helped clean up parts of the Everglades. In addition to his environmental interests, he’s an all-American kind of young man with extraordinary athletic talent and a loving disposition. He’s one of those kids who emanates joy and happiness. He has a positive outlook on life and cares deeply for his younger brother and sister. Because his birthday is in the middle of the week, his mom has chosen Sunday for a family reunion and birthday party celebration. Being a modern, techno-connected person, she emailed us about the upcoming party. I will be sure to take tons of photos to have memories from this special day.

Although a sweet sixteen party is usual for a girl, we are going to salute my nephew, sixteen and a genuinely, sweet person with the same hoopla reserved for a girl. In some circles, a boy turns sixteen and may or may not get his driver’s license. Some families give their sixteen-year old children, a car.  The best part of this young man’s sixteenth birthday festivity is that the honoree is focused on the food, the family and friends who will be there, and the gifts he will receive. My sister didn’t have to shop for a dress for the event, nor did she have to worry about buying him a car!

From my perspective, the sixteen years have flown by and I look forward to watching our Earth Day born nephew grow into the amazing man I know he will become!

One thought on ““Sweet” Sixteen on Earth Day

  1. I only have boys and always felt that they were cheated as far as a celebration for 16. I now will make a “Sweet” 16 party for our youngest son and use the car theme. He won’t get his license or a car on his 16th birthday but he will feel special.

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