00252aglbridegroomchildren Stuffed Puppy Wedding PlansI love to “surf the web” looking for new trends and ideas. So, when I fell upon the site called Webkinz and saw a wedding dress for $10.99 I had no idea it was for a stuffed animal or one’s real dog. I showed it to my first grader. He told me that his class will be holding a wedding this year. We haven’t attended the parent night yet, so we didn’t know this is part of the first grade curriculum.

I sent a short email to his teacher with the info about the doggie’s wedding dress. She called me and told me that she checked it out and was going to do a “stuffed puppy” wedding instead of one with the students in the wedding party. Every student will draw a role “out of the hat” and then decide which of their stuffed animals will participate.

They are learning about organizing, planning ahead, working as a team, and living one’s word. The class collaboratively writes the vows for the bride and groom. My son’s teacher told me she will unveil and reveal the details about the wedding at Open House. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, check out the selection of costumes for real live puppies and/or for stuffed one’s too!

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