img29hammock StaycationI am borrowing the phrase “staycation” from Pottery Barn. Enjoying summer and making the long days full of spending time with loved-ones can cost as much as you want to spend or as little! Although there are many attractive offerings for backyard decorating and furniture, who says you can’t place an old sheet on the grass and bring out less-used pillows to prop behind your backs for picnic support, or bring out the kitchen table and chairs and dine alfresco?

What are some of the amenities and moments being spoiled that one finds at a beach resort? The first “pamper me” moment is when I find myself watching the kids play in the water while lounging on a chair or towel and holding a cold drink in my hand. The drink does not have to be alcoholic to be appreciated but it has to be big and cold. How easy to recreate this pampered moment at home. Look up a refreshing summer drink, mix it up, place it in large glasses or outdoor plastic cups and watch the kids run in the sprinkler. Adults can take turns making each other drinks!

The next “dearly treasured” moment from a beach resort vacation is taking turns sleeping in and bringing each other breakfast in the room. That’s easy. Create a summer Sunday schedule of whose turn it is to make the breakfast and whose turn it is to be served the breakfast.

Finally, getting the kids a pizza and then going out to dinner, just the two of us, is a no brainer. Get the kids a pizza and pack a decadent picnic with both of your favorite goodies and a nice bottle of wine. Go to the nearest park or beach, just the two of you and enjoy that special time that you normally only get on a vacation.

See! The “staycation” can easily be like an away vacation. You can make it happen!

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