x27654900bridegroom1940s Sixty Two YearsYesterday was the sixty-two year anniversary of our parents. Back in 1947 people married at a young age. Most of them had a family right away. Our parents decided to wait and finish their educations and begin careers before bringing children into their family unit. Obviously with a sixty-two year marriage resulting in two people who are good friends and still love one another, we, as their children, see them as an inspiration.

Times were different back in the fifties, sixties, and seventies when we grew up. But, the basic ingredients of good communication, mutual respect, and mutual support of each other’s need to grow have not changed. We got together and celebrated sixty-two years of marriage.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

3 thoughts on “Sixty-Two Years

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to your folks! What a milestone! My folks celebrated 61 this year. You are right, they are truly an inspiration to all us younger people that you can find your soul mate and it can last a lifetime!

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