main1sandcastle1 Sandcastle Building CompetitionIf you live anywhere close to Imperial Beach, California don’t miss out on this year’s U.S. Open Sandcastle Building Competition events. The 29th annual contest begins today, Friday, July 17th. Streets are closed to traffic during this weekend and the event planners promise a wonderful family experience for all attendees!

On Friday, July 17, 2009 a ball will be held for the 21 and older crowd. Saturday, July 18, 2009 promises to be a great day for kids to participate in building sandcastles. Finally, the serious competition begins on Sunday, July 19th for adults. Sand sculptors from all over the world enter the competition to win more than $21,000 in cash prizes!

Check out some photos of the creative, artistic sand installations from last year! If you cannot attend the Imperial Beach event, try and find the sandcastle building competitions in your area! Sandcastle building as an observor or a participant is great family fun!

main2sandcastle Sandcastle Building Competition

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