bld046175labordayparty Planning Labor Day Weekend PartiesAmazingly, the end of summer looms in the not so distant future! How quickly this summer passed. With school back in session in August for many families, Labor Day has lost its place as the official marker for the end of summer days. But, Labor Day weekend does provide a great opportunity to host a back-to-school, end of summer days’ event. Instead of planning a party based on what adults enjoy, we decided to ask the children what they would like. Here are some suggestions:

3153 040308 cupcake pops s1 Planning Labor Day Weekend PartiesOur youngest son said we have to have a “slip and slide” because it is so hot. “I don’t care what we eat as long as we have cupcakes for dessert.”

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greatgrill recipe1 rdax 65kabobs1 Planning Labor Day Weekend PartiesOur youngest daughter said we have to have food on sticks because it is fun and we should have the dessert on sticks too. When I asked if I can quote her she said “No!”



Our daughter who begins high school in two weeks said we have to have people invited who have high school age children. When I asked about her cousins who are in high school, she retorted, “Mom, I can’t date my cousins!” I guess she doesn’t get that she won’t be dating anyone for quite a bit of time. I have been pondering another activity for her to add to her already busy schedule!

pe0062933lotsoffood1 Planning Labor Day Weekend PartiesOur eldest son, going into his junior year, with an appetite that cannot be satiated, announced that we need “Lots and lots of food, whatever it is, as long as there’s enough.” He then offered to help grill especially if we cook meat, chicken, and fish on sticks.


Well, that’s the report on Labor Day at our house. I have ordered the invitations and will get them out quickly so we know who can come to join us in celebrating a very wonderful and fun summer!

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