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Take a Break

During the busy holiday season it is great to take a break and go out to dinner. Michelle Crouch in her Readers Digest online article, “20 Secrets Your Waiter Won’t Tell You” informs her readers about some insiders’ tips about some restaurant practices that the public probably doesn’t know. Check out her twenty tidbits! Then, [...]

Back to Reality

If we all continue to eat the way we ate during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, then by the beginning of 2010, most of us would weigh an additional five to ten pounds. So, how can we lose the few pounds we may have put on during the past weekend’s festivities? Also, what tricks can we [...]


Although the housing market has tumbled in value and activity, people are still moving from house to house and even from state to state. Moving has been listed as one of the most stressful events in life! However, moving can be a time when friends and family gather together to help each other. Packing boxes, [...]


When I was pregnant with our sixth grader, I prayed for a healthy baby. I also prayed for another girl so our daughter would have a sister. I have three sisters and my husband has two. I genuinely love and adore my sisters! If you don’t have sisters, you have missed out on being in [...]

Sixty-Two Years

Yesterday was the sixty-two year anniversary of our parents. Back in 1947 people married at a young age. Most of them had a family right away. Our parents decided to wait and finish their educations and begin careers before bringing children into their family unit. Obviously with a sixty-two year marriage resulting in two people [...]