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Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

There are so many things a new graduate will need, whether they’re going off to college or into the real world from the college dorm. Depending on your price range and how many things your graduate actually “needs” will determine what kind of gift you’ll be looking for. One of the best gifts I received [...]

Throw the Best Graduation Party! Step-By-Step Checklist

With the 2010 graduation season almost upon us, we put together a comprehensive checklist for planning the best graduation party.  Print out this list, cross off the things that are not applicable, and you’re ready to get your party planned and carried through to perfection.  CONGRATS grads!!!! 6 Weeks Before the Party Set a party budget [...]

Baby Shower Checklist a Step-by-Step Guide

Baby Shower Checklist!   Two Months Ahead of Time Create the baby shower guest list Set the date of the baby shower Decide on the baby shower location   One Month Choose a baby shower theme and/or colors Choose your baby shower invitations   Three Weeks Plan the baby shower menu Special order the baby [...]

The Meaning of Baptism and Christening

Babies tug on the whole family’s heartstrings. From the moment our mom-to-be begins showing the little baby bulge to the moment the bundle of joy is born, our lives are dedicated to their growth and nurturing. In the first few years there are many important celebrations to prepare for, and one of the first for [...]

Raising Children: Who’s easier to raise, Boys or Girls?

The answer seems to be similar to “what came first the chicken or the egg?” The big question…Who is harder to raise? Boys or Girls? Physically Boys seem to be harder to keep physically safe. They are often found running through the house, jumping off the bed and climbing to the top of very high [...]