getimageslowcooker Not Very RomanticWe all like to get that romantic gift now and then. Perhaps, we recently got a gift that was meant to please us but…

The gift I would like to discuss today is neither romantic nor really something one puts on a desired-gift-list.  That gift is the slow cooker. It is found on the not-so-romantic gifts list next to the new washing machine and dryer, vacuum cleaner, and garbage disposal.

Why, you may wonder, would I advocate a slow cooker as a gift? One reason is that sometimes the most useful items become the best of gifts. Another reason is that winter is a great time to prepare slowly cooked chilis, soups, stews, and pot roasts. After coming in from being outdoors in the cold or driving through a storm to get home, the warm food from the slow cooker with aromas that have permeated the entire house, sends out love and cozy feelings.

No a slow cooker is not a romantic gift! But it sure is practical and enticing!

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