003644ateasel Not Only Graduations from School May and June are filled with celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and many graduations from school. In addition, today, many children take piano and/or violin lessons, dance, sing, study visual arts such as painting, photography or sculpture, do gymnastics and act in theater groups for youth. During May and June many of the teachers of these extra activities that are oftentimes more loved by students than school, plan on culmination or achievement ceremonies and performances. It is not unusual in May and June to have multiple events to attend. For example, the local park district has a visual arts program that holds a gallery viewing. They hang and display the children’s work with labels identifying the medium and child’s name. They also serve punch and cookies to make it seem like a real gallery showing.

Both the violin and piano teacher of my children hold end-of-the year concert recitals where the students perform and are recognized by their teachers for what they have accomplished on the specific instrument that year. Once a local voice/vocal teacher combined her singing students with the piano and violin teachers’ students and they coordinated a wonderful afternoon of music that was free to the public. Using a local university’s auditorium with wonderful acoustics enabled the music students to sound as good as they can be. The local youth symphony orchestra also holds a concert and banquet and honors the graduating seniors and section leaders at this annual event.

May and June are great months to find out which dance studios are having their dance recitals and which gymnastic places are holding performance events. Bringing children to these various events exposes them to other children who work hard at what they love to do. It also helps children see what they would like to participate in as out-of-school activities. Finally, April, May and June calendars are filled with various young people’s theater groups’ performances and provide a chance for the family to go to a theatrical performance without breaking the bank!

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  1. I am the piano teacher who coordinated with the violin and voice teachers for that memorable performance. It is pretty exciting to read my firend’s blog and see her mention that amazing afternoon. By the way, I love your stationery and invitation offerings. Next year for the end of year recital I will order printed programs from you!

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