highteapartypostagestamp My Birthday!Today, on May 29th I celebrate my birthday and share the date with President John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, my girlfriend Marie’s mother, and probably millions of other people. In honor of me, I decided that I would pick out one of the birthday party invitation offerings and create a fantasy party!

For my party, I choose a “High Tea!” There is a perfect tea party invitation in the non-child birthday party category that sets the tone for an elegant and special afternoon to celebrate me. I would order the matching thank you cards, the custom postage stamps, and of course the envelope labels. Then, I would make sure that my “High Tea” party includes all the special women in my life. My mom, mother-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, aunts, friends who are like sisters, and friends I see on special occasions would be invited. Everyone will be required to wear a “fancy” hat. The party will be called “Fancy Nancy’s High Tea Extravaganza.” Obviously we will have all the offerings of a high tea menu. In addition, the table will be decorated with various-sized vases with peonies and hydrangeas.

Now, my party is a fantasy but yours can be a reality. Check out the “High Tea” Party Invitations and matching items and plan a party for someone special!

abflowers3354 My Birthday!

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