nancy candy wrapper   birthday photo for blog Multiple Ages, Same Party FavorFor my family April is a month filled with birthdays. One nephew turns 35, one 30, one 21, and another turns 16. One niece turns 13.  One uncle has March 29th as his birthday and another April 7th. The March uncle is an honorary April celebrant because his birthday is so close. In addition, some of the family celebrates Easter and some Passover. With both very family-oriented holidays occuring other days of this month of continuous birthday parties, April becomes a month with multiple family get-togethers.

For each of the birthday celebrants, how do we make sure everyone feels special and properly acknowledged? One way I discovered is to order candy bar wrappers for each of the parties. Sometimes I involve the celebrant and sometimes I surprise him/her. For the nephew turning 30, because he lives far away but will be home around his actual birthday, I ordered a candy bar wrapper and had one of his earliest photos placed on the front. In the photo, he is lying on his father’s extended arm. His dad’s hand completely holds his newborn head, like a man holds a ball, and his body rests on his dad’s extended arm and really emphasizes how tiny he was as a baby. Because this young man is now 6’4″ tall, the photo is even more dramatic. We forget how much children grow. I can’t wait to put out the candy bars wrapped in this surprise custom-created wrapper for the celebratory birthday dinner table décor. It is the perfect party favor for everyone to take home. I had plenty extras made so he can bring them and share them with his friends where he lives.

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