100 2503 Memories Preserved

Spring brings us First Holy Communion, Confirmation, many weddings, and graduations. So after ordering the “Save the Date” cards, the invitations, planning the celebrations and then actually attending and enjoying each event, what do we have as a memory?

Looking at the extra copy of each of the invitations and thank you notes, saved in a scrapbook or special box, does trigger the memory of wonderful moments spent enjoying life events.

But, nothing lasts forever like photos.

In the past five years, as I became more comfortable with the digital and computer techno offerings, I have become a fan of several Internet sites to store my numerous photo collections from family and friends’ celebrations. I have even created a personalized photo book with pages of my thoughts and feelings alongside photos with captions. They have become a “mini yearbook” of sorts to give as a gift.

I thought I would share some of the user-friendly sites and then you can explore what options are available to you and what you are most comfortable with at your own level of techno expertise.

If you use gmail from Google as your email account, their photo storage site, which is free, gives the option of a public forum, where anyone can view your photos and a private option, “unlisted” where you decide who can view your photos. I love Google’s Picasa for its ease of use.

For photo books or what I call “mini yearbooks” Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Winkflash are extremely user-friendly in addition to offering many options. Of course, there are many more sites. For Mac users, Apple iPhoto also has a great site.

Tell us how you preserve your life-event memories!

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