lipschoco medchampagnekiss Is Chocolate Just Chocolate?For those of us who are chocolate lovers, when chocolate is craved, then chocolate is chocolate. Although chocolate is chocolate when I get the urge, my palate can discern between a piece of Leonidas, Fresh Belgian Chocolate and a bite of a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate candy bar. Here’s a hilarious story with an example of our litigious society that can get a bit out of control. When I read about the trademark lawsuit between Hershey’s and Jacques Torres Chocolate, I just had to laugh. Obviously Hershey’s legal department, as the instigator, has nothing better to do than to go after a “little guy.” I understand we must respect trademark law and that huge companies have huge budgets for legal action. The attorneys working for the big corporations’ legal departments must secure their jobs and litigate whenever possible. Hershey’s Kisses is a trademarked brand that everyone recognizes. A suit has been brought to our court system because a piece of chocolate, Jacques Torres’ creation, is called a “Champagne Kiss.” How ridiculous! Especially because the piece of chocolate called the Champagne Kiss is rectangular and flat. Also, the first ingredient is listed as champagne and there is the shape of lips as the design/décor on top. It in no way resembles a Hershey’s kiss. The Jacques Torres’ quality of confection can be compared to my coveted Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolate. Perhaps because chocolate like coffee is made from a crop whose quality varies from year to year, some years Leonidas is superior in quality and some years Jacques Torres’ chocolates are better. Let me assure you that from year to year, a Hershey’s Kiss is exactly the same as far as quality.

So, after eating a bit of chocolate you have stored, check out the New York online article to get further details. I am going to order the 55 piece box of Champagne Kisses from Jacques Torres to store for my next chocolate craving. After all, I deserve high end and I like to support the “little guy.”

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