reusedobjects3 31 09 Instead Of...Last week I wrote about the spring tradition of decluttering our living spaces. One of my reader fans, told me that I should research and write about reusing things instead of just getting rid of everything. “Ok, I admit it. It is my daughter’s suggestion.”  

I began to research and the ideas are endless. One of the site’s I visited gave ideas about what to do with empty CD/DVD containers, dryer sheets, corks from wine bottles, and plastic water bottles. Check it out!

I have been reusing the empty salad light-plastic boxes and the lids. The small ones are great for organizing fabric scraps and yarn. Crayons, colored chalk, pens and pencils can be categorized and placed in separate plastic boxes. Take the picture of the finished project from the original box of puzzles, tape it to the side that is visible and place the puzzle pieces inside. Then they won’t get lost. Apply the same idea to small building toys such as blocks, Legos, and other sets. The clear plastic allows visibility from the outside, and they stack evenly to save space. The large plastic ones are good for shoes. I use them for dressy shoes that I rarely wear. I can see which pair is in each box as they remain stacked on top of each other. Not only does my closet seem less cluttered and more organized but I am reusing something that could be filling a landfill.

So instead of tossing common food containers and creating more waste, try and imagine other ways to use them! I would love to hear your suggestions!

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