u17090930honeymooncouple Honeymoon in the USAToday, more and more couples who decide to go on a honeymoon after the wedding, also decide to keep their dollars in the USA and choose honeymoon locations from amongst the fifty states.

Here is a very “bare bones” list of some spots worth researching and ultimately booking for that very special first trip as Mr. and Mrs.

1.  Hawaii:  Anywhere and anytime Hawaii affords a honeymoon couple time to just relax or participate in very exciting outdoor activities including hiking, surfing, biking, and mountain climbing.

2. California:  Whether you choose to visit one of the metropolitan areas such as San Francisco or Los Angeles, or go to a romantic spot in wine country locations such as Napa, Sonoma, or Paso Robles, California offers a multitude of choices for honeymoon trips from “just chillin” to rigorous outdoor activities such as surfing and hiking in the desert.

3. Florida:  With expansive coastal beaches from the northern Georgia border to the border of Alabama, Florida offers various beach locations and amenities to suit any honeymooning couple. In addition, check out Tampa/St. Petersburg and of course Orlando for extensive offerings for fun in the sun!

4. New York, Boston, Chicago: Do you just love cities? Do museums, top-notch restaurants, theater offerings, and shopping make you feel ecstatically happy? Then, book a room in one of the great cities of the U.S. and share your love of culture and vibrant city energy! Who says that honeymoons have to be spent in secluded spots?

5.  Mackinac Island, Michigan, Catalina Island, California, Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Does an island that is anything but tropical, adheres to some old-fashioned transportation ideas such as no cars allowed, and has historical significance interest you for a honeymoon destination? Then, check out these suggestions and many more places that can be found in Maine, North and South Carolina, Alaska and Washington for an island honeymoon experience you will cherish forever!

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