My daughter’s 8th grade class officers want to have a graduation dance,  nothing too “prom” like but something to celebrate the end of middle school. I just listened when my daughter said that it is really an excuse for the girls to wear their Confirmation or Bat Mitzvah dresses again. Then she added thoughtfully that the boys are really growing and they need to wear their suits again before they are too small. I chuckled and she got a little insulted. I began my “21” question exercise to calm her down. My “21” question exercise involves asking questions, one after the other until dialogue begins again! I figured if she thinks over the logistics, perhaps as the treasurer of her class, she can logically talk the other officers out of the dance plans.

Boy, was I wrong! As I started to go over the necessary elements for the dance, she said, “Stop. Let me get a pen and paper!”

gwil202098thgradedance Graduation Dance?

“How are you going to get a venue so late in the year?”

“Who will chaperone?”     “How are you going to get music?”

“How are you going to get money for decorations, food and music?”

“Are you going to sell tickets? If so, how are kids/parents going to pay for them since this is so late in planning and people haven’t budgeted for the dance?”

“How are you going to divide up the responsibilities for decorations, food and music, assuming you get a venue?”

“Who is going to make or order graduation invitations so everyone knows about the dance?”    “And so forth…”

Two days later, my daughter got back to me and told me that she wanted to know if we could offer our backyard as the venue. Three of the students in her class are DJs and they agreed to  “spin” for free. If every girl in the class brings 6 cupcakes and every boy brings a bottle of Gatorade or a soft drink, they will have refreshments. The teachers agreed to chaperone and bring paper goods including tablecloths for the three folding tables we have. “There will be no flowers or corsages, no couple dates, no limos, nothing like a real prom,” she assured me. The class will hold a meeting and explain the rules of having the dance. Because our patio is large, that will be the dance floor. “The dance is only for three hours, so probably not too many people would use our bathrooms,” she added.

What could I say? So, after discussing the 8th grade graduation dance plans with my husband, we are the proud hosts of the venue for the first ever 8th grade graduation dance to be held on Thursday, June 4th. In the event of rain, it will be Tuesday, May 8th.

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Please pray for good weather.

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