imagesadultsreturningschool Going Back To SchoolNot only children go back to school at the end of summer vacation. More and more adults decide to either learn something new for fun or enroll in an academic program that can further their careers. For those adults returning to the work force after a number of years, knowing how to use computers and possessing technological savvy often necessitate some time spent back in school. I have a friend who always makes the best celebrations and parties. She finally decided to go to culinary school and eventually open her own catering business.

So where does one find affordable adult classes and programs that can give that extra edge? Not surprising are the numbers of choices provided by local, junior community colleges. Also, community adult education programs offer classes in subjects from computer literacy to conversational Spanish. Take advantage! As the children return to school, think about returning yourself. After all, self-improvement doesn’t stop at a certain age but continues throughout our life spans!

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