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Weed-Free Grand Canyon Sunset

As summer approaches, I have been thinking about how to have a really fun vacation and how I can make sure it is affordable and meaningful.  Perhaps you want a change of career and not only a different kind of vacation? How can we get involved in community and service projects that give us the chance to see more of the United States? The following list gives three suggestions and an explanation of how you can get involved.

According to Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, Mqy 2009 issue:

 “Americorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) offers volunteers 19 years of age and older the chance to fight poverty through more than 1,200 projects in all 50 states. The application process is competitive.

Teach for America requires a two year commitment from recent graduates of universities and gives an opportunity to people to teach in rural and urban schools around the Untied States. The application process is competitive and with the present high unemployment interest has risen 42% from last year.

For people wanting an outdoor experience, check out the National Park Service Volunteers-in-Parks, (VIPs) for varied ways you can help and see the United States. You can donate from one week a year to an entire year. From manning visitors’ information booths at Ellis Island to fighting invasive weeds in the Grand Canyon, housing is provided on a park-by-park basis.”

Check out the National Park Service site to see what is available and plan an exciting, inexpensive, and worthwhile summer vacation! Or check out Americorps or Teach For America for a total career path change!

Let us know what you are planning to do and what other information you find for volunteer, career path changes, and “do good” travel opportunities in the United States!

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  1. I will definitely check out the National Park Service site. What a great idea for a vacation. Thanks!

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