pch5933browithbaby Friends Babys Birth

Although there is nothing like the birth of our family members and our own children, the next best thing is the birth of our friends’ children. Last Monday, very close friends brought another boy into their family circle. Our friend, the Mom, had an “easy” time, whatever that means, while giving birth and both Dad and big brother are thrilled. Now, with three “men” in her life, Mom goes home today with a healthy baby and the challenges of motherhood.

But, one of the first steps in getting things normalized for her family is to call Storkie with all the details to fill in on her pre-ordered and pre-addressed birth announcements. Having done this for their first son, our friends know how easy it is to notify everyone about their second son’s birth. As soon as things settle down, Mom and Dad will plan a ceremony and celebration to formally welcome their new miracle.  Being experienced as parents makes life so much easier. We look forward to meeting their baby and celebrating with our dear friends. Yes, friends having babies is the next best thing!

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