71v4hybdhfl  sl500 aa280 cirque1 Family Activity SuggestionSince we have been attempting to celebrate birthdays with experiences and minimize material gift giving, several exciting and special events have filled our calendars. The latest family oriented activity was when we all went to Cirque du Soleil’s show called, “Saltimbanco.” The grandparents, parents and children attended a performance and thoroughly enjoyed the music, costumes,¬†singing, acrobatic marvels, and most of all being together.

While I watched the trapeze artists, my mind wandered to visions of children playing dress-up with clothes found around the house and how their creative imaginations haven’t disappeared for the costumers or set designers of Cirque du Soleil as they became adults. Rather, the artistic stage sets and costumes of the “Saltimbanco” performance come from the fantasy creations of men and women who perpetuate the crazy joy and wild ideas that children have during play. Thankfully, these artists have a venue to share their fantastic fun with audiences nationwide.

If a Cirque du Soleil performance opportunity comes to your area, don’t miss out. For your information, there are no bad seats or views and sharing this magical entertainment with your family will be a memory that will endure!

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  1. You must live in Miami area because we just saw the Cirque du Soleil performance yesterday in Broward. I was looking at your site because my sister ordered First Holy Communion invitations from you and I want to order my baby announcements soon. Great selection! I love that you can do a Spanish language invitation or announcement.

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