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Isabel Allende, Empowering Women

Waiting in quite a long line at Whole Foods Market today, the woman behind me spoke to a man on her cell phone and while the line inched forward, she broke up with him.  She listed all the reasons for ending their relationship and even though I thought the discussion should have been conducted in private, I learned a few valuable lessons from her.

The first lesson I learned was the lesson of gratitude. I listened to what she said he had done to her, to them as a couple, and to their life together and for each point, I felt more and more grateful for my life and relationship with my husband. I heard how she felt equally responsible for allowing the behaviors to continue and how she now had enough and ended it all because she was taking responsibility.

The second lesson I learned was the lesson of courage. She needed to move out while he was out of town. She taught me that she loved herself enough to face the unknown of having no place to live immediately. She willingly risked that predicament versus the security of a place to live but being with someone who didn’t value or respect her. To me, that is courageous. If she can decide what is good for her, act on it, in spite of the scary unknown, then I too can be courageous with decisions in my life that are trivial compared to hers.

Finally, the third lesson I learned was how fragile our circumstances are and how I could have been in her situation just as easily as she could be in mine. How random and whimsical are the circumstances of our lives!

I just received an email with a video of Isabel Allende speaking at a TED conference. She speaks about women’s predicaments worldwide and the importance of passion for life.

Check it out. Empowered, brave, self-loving and self-respecting women are all around us.

What an opportunity to stand in line and learn!

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