stanford College Visitation Trips: Good AirfaresWith a junior in high school, discussions about college application choices have dominated our family time. Although our son has visited schools in the New York City and Boston area, he knows what he doesn’t want in a college experience but has no clue as to where he would like to go. Being a really good student, an amazing test-taker and someone with consistent activities and interests throughout high school, we feel confident that our son will probably get into some of his first choice schools. But, where should he apply?

Both my husband and I spend a good amount of time working on the computer. I have been a big fan of travel and airline email updates. My information shows that during the months of October and early November we should take advantage of these great airfare offerings and take our son to tour some of the universities he may be interested in applying to next year. Our son has been reading a book about  2200 university and college offerings. When he comes up with a list of schools he wants to visit, we will book tickets to go and visit the schools in that particular geographical location. We may need to go on a few weekend exploratory trips with him before he finds what he thinks he wants. Our daughter, the ninth grader has offered to go with us too. She says that it will save us money in the long run when tickets go up in price. “We should take advantage of good airfare prices now!” she claims.

We’ll see.

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