sleepingbig Birthday Experience SurprisesIf you have thought about giving someone a birthday experience instead of a gift, check out your local ballet company offerings. This year on June 14th New York City Ballet presented an evening of ballet and music that they organized and offered to the public with the money from tickets going to their “Dancers Emergency Fund.” What a great idea to get tickets to this inspiring event for someone’s birthday. Next season in 2010 they will offer a “Dancer’s Evening” performance once again. I already know that my friends and I will plan a weekend in NYC to go to the 2010 New York City Ballet Dancer’s Choice performance. It will be for a special birthday and we will definitely plan a party in NYC as well.

2884savedate Birthday Experience SurprisesBy planning our trip almost a year ahead, getting the tickets, making the necessary reservations, including a special place to hold the birthday dinner party,  we will all be able to budget money and set aside the time in order to celebrate and experience  wonderful events together!





I will select the “Save the Date” cards immediately. I can’t wait!

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