itf209065womanwithsoup Back to RealityIf we all continue to eat the way we ate during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, then by the beginning of 2010, most of us would weigh an additional five to ten pounds. So, how can we lose the few pounds we may have put on during the past weekend’s festivities? Also, what tricks can we incorporate into our daily lives that can get us through the upcoming Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year celebrations without significant weight gain?

MSN online on Monday, November 30, 2009 revealed some great tips to help us be aware and “be loving” to ourselves. The clich√©, “Nothing tastes as good as the feeling of being thin” is something to think about in order to take control over what we eat during this holiday season. Also, exercising a little bit more often or rigorously helps burn extra calories. Remember that the goal of losing a few pounds put on by excessive eating is to remain healthy.

The best tips I have ever implemented to maintain a healthy weight are to write down whatever I eat and plan out what I am going to eat during the day, drink sufficient amounts of water during the day, walk stairs whenever possible, and never skip breakfast.

Good luck to everyone on the path “back to reality.”

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