4403doodlingartistwork A Future for the Doodling Child ArtistWhenever I see my younger daughter chatting on the phone and doodling all over whatever happens to be in front of her, I think about how vast is the art field. As a sixth grader she doesn’t concern herself with an ultimate career but as I watch each of my children blossom and thrive in varied niches, I think about my little “doodler” and what she will ultimately create as an artist.

Check out the new arrivals at Storkie.com and see what one of their artists, who may have been a doodling child, has to offer for invitation designs. How whimsical and happy are the new invitations!

anotherimage A Future for the Doodling Child Artist

3 thoughts on “A Future for the Doodling Child Artist

  1. Whenever I think of “doodlers”, I remember what the mother of Steven Speilberg (Mrs. Adler) said about her now famous director son. Mrs. Adler used to criticize her young son for day dreaming and doodling in class when he was in school. Well…as we all know, the rest is history. All that doodling was NOT in vain. From those innocent “doodles” came “ET” and other now very famous movies and icons that have been created by Mr. Spielberg. The moral of the story: never dismiss your child’s doodling. No matter how trivial it may seem.

  2. Your comments on doodling hit home, for i doddle quite frequently and this happens when I am searching for something. I must tell you I then drifted to view the cards on the website.

    Good to know of these various invitations for future reference.

  3. Thank you so much for your astute comments! I knew that there were “fellow doddlers” out there! Also, I didn’t know about Steven Speilberg and his doodles but it makes perfect sense.

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