200405268 001singingteenager A Day of Good DeedsYesterday our schools were closed in honor of the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippor. In addition to many people in our area fasting, attending religious¬†services, and feeling the spirit of the holiday, we have annually attended, as a family, an end of this auspicious day’s celebration called the Break Fast.

At Break Fast last night, we had an opportunity to meet with friends who have children about the same age as ours. Of course we discussed the usual senior year topics of SAT prep, college applications and visitations. But, this year our seniors decided to get together on Yom Kippor, a day off of school and volunteer at the soup kitchen. The friends who did not attend religious services organized an event at a local shelter. They raised money to add goodies to the soup kitchen’s menu of the day. They also provided entertainment. Those who sing in their churches’ choirs sang. The students who play guitar performed as well.

I have to say that hearing about the success of the volunteer day at the soup kitchen has made Yom Kippor a day for everyone in the community to feel proud that a day off of school has become a day of good deeds!

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