untitledcellphoneinterruption Manners: PleaseI opened one of my online news sources and the headline stated that Hugh Jackman, who stars with Daniel Craig in the Broadway play Steady Rain, stopped the performance when someone’s cell phone rang.

Perhaps this is not earth shattering news but it can serve as a good story to enforce “no cell phones” during a performance. Last month my husband and son were invited to a premier showing of District 9, a sci-fi movie now playing in theaters. When they signed in, they relinquished their cell phones and left them at the door before entering the theater. Of course, it took some time to retrieve everyone’s cell phones at the end; but, the film and question and answer session were not interrupted.

How can we ensure that audiences and hard-working performers are not harassed by ringing cell phones? What do you think? You tell us!

7 thoughts on “Manners: Please

  1. I’m not sure if I like the idea of relinquishing my cell phone at the entrance of a theater. However, the effort to remind the audience to shut down their cell phones several times prior to the beginning of a performance is a definitely good idea! Most people will close down or silence their phones when asked to. Having the occasional “accident” is just something we have to live with in these high tech times.

  2. A few creative, friendly reminders to silence all electronics before an event should be sufficient. If not, then offenders will suffer the embarrassment of violating the respectful atmosphere and, if necessary, might be politely asked to remove themselves. I like to think that these modern day annoyances are accidental and not intentional. Perhaps upon entering a theater or other venue, people could be asked to disengage their phones at that point rather than relinquishing them.

  3. Either where you live, the people are polite and where I live they are impolite or you are a very tolerant person. We have not been to a movie or play in the last five years without someone’s cell phone ringing and the person answering and having a conversation. I don’t want to waste time waiting to collect my cell phone but there has to be a solution for stopping cell phone use during a performance!

    Let’s hear from more people!

  4. Can you imagine asking someone to leave a performance because of a ringing cell phone? That consequence would have to have been written on the program and ticket and announced before the performance begins. If not, the removal of an offender could upstage the actual performance!

  5. No matter how awful a show is, there are still hard working backstage and performers involved. A ringing cell phone during a performance is just rude!

  6. OOPS! I got so emotional about this topic that I left out the word, “people” after the word “working” and before the word “performers.”
    Many hard working people backstage and as support staff together with performers usually give their best efforts and should not be insulted with a ringing cell phone during a live performance or a film showing!

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