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Planning a wedding and honeymoon in the near future? Well, one advantage of the recession is that many luxurious resorts presently offer deep discounts and many extras in order to entice travelers. The Honeymoon trip should be more affordable especially if you leave the Untied States and explore other countries.

 Here are a few tips about tipping in other countries. According to  Etiquette 101, The Tipping Guide from Conde Nast Traveler Magazine December 2008 issue, tipping protocol varies from country to country. The best idea is to familiarize yourself with the local tipping customs and show your gratitude when it is earned.

If your Honeymoon trip in Argentina includes a guide and driver, give 10% minimum for a good driver and more for a great one. A good full-day guide should get 30-60 pesos and more for a great guide.

Anywhere in the European Union, waiters earn reasonable salaries and tip and tax is normally included in the bill. If you are thrilled with service, a Euro or two shows your gratitude but is not necessary. The word for thank you in the language of the country said with sincerity does the trick!

If you find yourself in Thailand and get a massage by a local masseuse, giving her $3 at the end of the massage is generous and appreciated.

A safari honeymoon can definitely be amazing for a couple that loves the outdoors and animal observing. But, tipping on a safari is complex. It is best to check with the outfitter. But, make sure to have plenty of small denominations of dollars to give directly to the people who assist you.

Bon voyage and enjoy your Honeymoon Trip!

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