So it’s that time! They’re all grown up and ready to graduate! The date is set, the cap and gown purchased… Now it’s time to order the graduation invitations and announcements, and send them out. First of all congratulations! Now, read below for everything you could want to know about Graduation Invitations Etiquette.784495 81139933sm Graduation Invitations Etiquette

Graduation announcements should be sent to all family and friends, especially people that will not be able to attend. This is informing everyone about the graduation, degree, school, date etc. It is however not a formal invitation to the graduation event. Many High Schools and Colleges will not be able to accommodate everyone and often students are limited in the number of guests they can invite. Sending out a Graduation Announcement is the perfect way to allow everyone to feel included even though they are unable to attend.

Graduation invitations should be sent to immediate family and closest friends, up to the number of guests the graduate is allowed to invite. This can serve as the announcement as well as formal invitation to the event. This card will have slightly more information including any attire requirements and the location and time of the event and reception.

Graduation party invitations should be sent to anyone and everyone you want to attend your graduation party.  Whether formal or informal, a full-on party or an intimate reception, graduation parties are the perfect way to get all your loved ones together and honor the graduate.

Gifts and Graduation Thank You Cards

You may start to receive gifts after sending out your announcements; some could come from family and friends unable to attend your event. Make sure you order your graduation thank you cards at the same time as your invitations. A personalized thank you should be sent out immediately after receiving a gift but no longer than a week after so you do not leave the sender wondering if their gift made it to you. It’s an uncomfortable situation for both parties if the sender has to inquire as to whether their package was lost in the mail.

Also remember to send a thank you card to your mentors, coaches, teachers and all others who have helped you.

Graduation Invitation & Announcement Wordinginvitation portrait Graduation Invitations Etiquette

Phrase the invitation consistently.
Correct: the graduation of their daughter
Also Correct: the graduation of our daughter

Do Not Use Abbreviations -Spell out all days, dates and location
Ideal: 123 South Main Street
Sub-Optimal: 123 S. Main St.

Times and Years should be spelled out on formal invitations
Ideal: Four o’clock in the afternoon
*Tip* o’clock is never capitalized

Times for less formal invitations should include:
Ideal: 4:00 p.m.
*Tip* include a space after the numbers and before the a.m./p.m., and be sure to include two periods in the a.m. and p.m.

Punctuation should not be used at the end of lines. (no commas, periods, etc. with exception of header poems/sayings)
Example: Bill and Sue cordially invite you to the graduation of their daughter (no period)
Example: Every yesterday is a memory of dreams, / Every tomorrow is a vision of hope! (punctuation acceptable)

Gifts, Children etc. on formal invitations
On very formal invitations you should not mention “no children allowed”, include messages about gifts or put where the honoree is registered.

What to Include in your Graduation Announcement

  • The Graduation Announcement Header i.e. ” We are pleased to announce”
  • The name of the honoree
  • The Date and Day of the Event (Optional)
  • The Location (Optional)
  • The Graduation Class Year
  • The Name of the School
  • The Name of the Degree(s)

What to Include in your Graduation Invitation

  • The Graduation Invitation Header i.e. “You are cordially invited to attend”
  • The name of the honoree
  • The Date, Day and Time of the Event
  • The Date, Day and Time of the Reception/Party
  • The Location of the Place(s)
  • The Graduation Class Year
  • The Name of the School
  • The Name of the Degree(s)
  • Appropriate Attire (if applicable)

When to Mail Graduation Invitations & Announcements

Announcements – Mail your announcements two weeks before the graduation up to 2 weeks after the graduation.

Invitations – Traditionally, formal events notify guests 6-8 weeks in advance. However, this rarely happens. The sooner you can notify the guests the better, try to stick within the range of 3-6 weeks. If your event is planned much further in advance consider sending out a save the date card before your invitations.

Congratulations Graduates!!

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