ks113145cellphonetalking General Etiquette Tips: Part ThreeThe widespread use of cell phones necessitates the creation of some proper behavior. Shouting into the cell phone in public, driving and talking, and allowing the phone to ring or be answered in a public entertainment venue cannot be allowed! Unless you have an emergency, do not answer or talk on your cell phone when checking out in a store, in a restaurant, in a hospital, or during any kind of appointment. If you have an emergency, then excuse yourself and go talk outside. Remember that if you make a person wait for you while you speak on your phone, s/he may have to make you wait until service is provided. If you need to take a message, take the time to ask for the person’s name spelling. Also, if you place someone on hold, try and get back to him/her to communicate the “hold” status and how much longer s/he may wait.

Always state to the person you speak with if you are on speakerphone or three way.

Until you get permission, in a business environment, call people by “Ms.” or “Mr.”

Do not perform any personal grooming anyplace except in a restroom area. Hair brushing, teeth flossing, and even putting on make-up, needs to be done in private.

Finally, you cannot be faulted for saying “please” and “thank you.” People who say they are annoyed by your good manners, are probably just jealous!

So which tips for good etiquette will you model and perpetuate so your children adopt these behaviors?

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