24130weddinginvite2 General Etiquette Tips: Part OneWith so many conventional customs and traditions becoming something read about in a history book or novel, which social protocols do we perpetuate today? Also, which social customs that show good etiquette do we model for our children and ultimately expect them to follow?

The first rule is to always  respond immediately to an invitation. If it is an “e-vite” then email an answer. Whatever means the host has asked for a response such as a phone call or response card, be timely about accepting or declining the invitation.

The second rule is to not ask the host for a tour of the house if it is the first time you  visit. If it is a housewarming party, the host will probably offer to show you around.

Also, if the invitation states no gifts, then do not bring a gift. If you must give a gift for your own personal reasons, send it before or after the celebration. Another good guest rule is to not bring something to the hosts, such as flowers needing to be arranged, that will take them away from their guests or party preparations.

When you receive a wedding invitation, do not call and ask if your children can attend. Also, whether you attend or not, acknowledge the wedding with a gift for the bride and groom. If the bride and groom prefer gifts of money, do not specify this in an invitation but rather by “word of mouth!”

A thank you note should be sent as soon as possible when one receives a gift. If the bride and groom have gone on an extended honeymoon, they should state this in a tardy thank you note.

Have you decided which good manners you want to model for your children? Read my blog tomorrow for more tips on good etiquette.

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