The lovely sentiments of Valentines Day can be for more than just romantic love.

In February, the readily available decorations in bright reds, pinks and hearts make decorating a snap for your Valentines themed Baby Shower. Mix up some fun pink lemon-aid, heart shaped cookies and red cupcakes to pull the whole baby shower theme together.

To start everything off check out Storkie’s Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitations, which offers the ability to change the skin tone, background and a fun heart shaped balloon.

slideshow Valentines Day Baby Shower Inspirations

Next for a little eye-candy – okay, okay pun intended 😉

Valentines Day Baby Shower Valentines Day Baby Shower Inspirations

mandi Valentines Day Baby Shower Inspirations

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Baby Shower Inspirations

  1. What a Sweet Treat! One of my favorites is the Silver Foil Daisies
    Rehearsal Dinner Invitations….they would be Perfect to send out for my son’s up and coming wedding in May 🙂

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