Planning a baby shower for a twin mommy can be so much fun, maybe even twice as fun! It’s exciting to play off the “multiple” theme and really get creative. From the invitations to the decorations and food, you can have your guests seeing double all afternoon.

When it comes to decorations try to pair them together, tie balloons together in two’s, bunch flowers together in two’s and wrap double streamers around lamps, tables and chairs. As for the food, how about serving “double cheeseburger” sliders, “twice baked” potatoes, “double fudge” brownies or even a “double layer” cake!  There’s no end to the possibilities…

twinspirations Twinspirations for a Twin Baby Shower

As for the special invitations, Storkie has a variety of twin themed baby shower invitations to choose from. This one is for a twin shower allows you to customize the color to match your theme. How fitting is the rain hat? Not only for a baby “shower”, but that soon it will be raining babies!

Happy Planning!

rachel signature Twinspirations for a Twin Baby Shower

3 thoughts on “Twinspirations for a Twin Baby Shower

  1. I absolutely love your ideas that you have on your site. I have 2 children that are graduating this year. Definitely ordering their invites from you!!!

    Thank you!!

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