office plant  top The Quest for More OxygenWho says that we can’t alter our environments so we get more oxygen? How many of you have live plants on your desks at work, in your classrooms, or situated throughout your places of business? Most people who tend to indoor plants know the benefits of more oxygen, cleaner air, happier thoughts from looking at the color green, and the calming effect that plants share with us humans.


As I marveled at the product offerings of Dwell Magazine, I saw the Woolly Wally and knew that I had to share it with my readers! In fact, Storkie’s Florida offices will soon be the grateful recipients of some Woolly Wally plant installations that I will offer as a gift!

Check out the Woolly Wally and think about how and where you can place one or more to improve your indoor environment for both improved aesthetics and health!

greenvelvet woolly pocket1 The Quest for More Oxygen

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