A spot of tea to sip and see

the radiant glow of the mommy-to-be


Announce your upcoming Tea Party Baby Shower with baby shower invitations that are customized to look like you!  Storkie’s Tea for Two invitation allows you the ability to select everything from your hair color and skin tone to the color of the table cloth and accessories. If you would prefer a more traditional look, see our High Tea invitation in the Tea Party Inspiration Board below.

There are so many clever ways you can coordinate the tea party theme into your event. To create a gorgeous table centerpiece select large wide-mouth tea cups, fill them with water and float seasonal cut flowers on top. Use colorful medium sized tea cups to double as cupcake holders. You can also create an vibrant candy bar with unique tea pots and cups as your serving dishes.

Create a fun interactive experience and allow every guest to create their own take home favor. Purchase a simple white or light colored tea cup for each guest, they can be different shapes and sizes. Make sure to have plenty of colorful ceramic paint markers and then have each guest decorate their tea cup. Do this when the shower is beginning, so there is enough time for everyones’ teacups to dry.

tea party animation Tea Party Baby Shower Theme Inspiration Board

Tea Party Baby Shower Tea Party Baby Shower Theme Inspiration Board

mandi1 Tea Party Baby Shower Theme Inspiration Board

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