What a Sweet Baby Shower theme!! This colorful event is easy to coordinate and so much fun. Set the mood for your upcoming shower with Storkie’s Sweet Shoppe Baby Shower Invitations. Then the decorations, gifts and food are only limited by your imagination!

There are endless ways to set up your own candy bar with jars and vases you have at home. If you don’t have clear jars an alternative is to transform Terracotta pots (everyone has some!). Clean up and paint the pots colors that match your main scheme, stuff wax paper or florist foam into the pots – then add candy and lollipops! Voila!

You can purchase bulk candy online at candywarehouse.com or candy.com. Tying the look together with tablecloth, plates, napkins and silverware is a cinch: just pick 2 or 3 colors and alternate colors when layering.

The key to this shower is lots of bright colors and sprinkles galore! Tasty colorful sugar cookies created to look like candies, rainbow cupcakes in delicious vanilla and chocolate and a sweet shop exclusive cake with lollipops on top. Mmmmmm mmm good…


sweetshop Sweet Shop Baby Shower Inspiration Board

mandi1 Sweet Shop Baby Shower Inspiration Board

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