k0602747appetizers Storkie is TrendyWhen I checked out Martha Stewart’s Online article about holiday appetizers, I knew that Storkie truly is trendy! We just had a delicious and fun company holiday party. Yes, you guessed it, we had appetizers and then desserts. We skipped the main courses because when we talked about the best parts of past years’ parties, we were unanimous in our opinions that appetizers and desserts are the best part of any party.

The most delicious and unusual appetizers we indulged in included some fresh Florida stone crab claws with the mustard dipping sauce and lamb brochettes. The other appetizers such as little dough wrapped hotdogs, a caviar (lumpfish actually) pie, several dips, and filo-dough offerings also stood out as extra yummy.

Tell us about your favorite appetizers and check out Martha Stewart’s three cheese balls and everything else!

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