spa day shower Spa Day Shower {Bridal & Baby Shower Inspiration}

{Clockwise from Top Right Corner: One Charming Party, One Charming Party, Scotch Naturals, Preppy Pink Crocodile, Inspired By This, Mommy Spa Day Invitation – Storkie Express, Social Butterfly Ink}

I stumbled upon our Mommy Spa Day Baby Shower Invitations and I thought that would make for the most wonderful and oh-so relaxing baby shower! Or wedding shower too! A spa day theme can be as flexible as you need, as it works great for an indoor or outdoor party. Just whip up some snacks and treats starring fresh fruits and veggies, prepare “spa water” with your favorite natural flavors, set up some beauty stations, and cue the relaxing music!

Happy Friday!

camille Spa Day Shower {Bridal & Baby Shower Inspiration}

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