7906sneakerpartythemephoto Six Year Olds Birthday PartyThe last day of school, specifically kindergarten, for our youngest son is June 3rd. I had promised that we would celebrate his sixth birthday and his changing schools for first grade with a party, a surprise. He doesn’t want to know the details. So, I found adorable sneakers birthday party¬†invitations online that will serve as the theme of our son’s special party.

Since his entire class, all 24 children will be coming and walking over to our house on the last day of school, which is an early dismissal day, I think that the invitation called “Sneakers” is perfect. First of all, everyone will be removing their shoes, mostly sneakers I am sure, so they can go in the backyard for the picnic lunch and the mural painting. I have purchased a large roll of paper and huge paintbrushes. Also, I have scrounged up empty plastic Oxi-Clean buckets and found all my washed and used plastic table covers that will serve as drop cloths. I am making 24 templates of sneaker shapes for each child to trace a sneaker someplace on his/her part of the class mural. If someone wants to trace several sneakers and exchange shapes with friends, then that of course will be great!

I have a huge bag of old sneakers that my kids have outgrown. I have been meaning to get to Goodwill but I will save them and use them for centerpieces. I intend to line them with plastic wrap and fill them with wrapped candy. Then, I will place them along the long table where the guests will eat. For lunch I will serve macaroni and cheese, jam or peanut butter and jam sandwiches, cut-up cucumbers, celery and carrot sticks, milk, juice, or water. I will attempt to make a giant sneaker sheet-cake. I think if I make three levels of cake and then carve away the shape after placing frosting in between every layer, I can succeed in having my sneaker theme birthday cake.

The party is supposed to be from 12:30 until 2:00 pm. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the party food, painting activity, cake, opening the gifts, and the party favor. I am ordering matching sneakers thank you cards and candy bar wrappers as well.

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