Some children dream of being firemen or police officers or doctors, while others hear the call of the sea and want to venture to unknown lands.

With the buzz around pirates in the last few years, it’s no wonder that your little one wants a swashbuckling shindig in his or her honor. This can be so much fun to plan because there are so many pirate inspired decor and favor possibilities, from eye patches to plastic hooks to pirate hats. You can even have your very own treasure hunt and give each child or team a treasure map.

Take a look at our pirate birthday invitation and get some inspiration for a memorable pirate-themed birthday party with this fun inspiration board.

pirates Yarr Matey   Pirate Birthday Party

Image Sources: Pirate Paddleball, Pirate Party Table Arrangement, and more

Yarr Matey!!!

sabrina signature Yarr Matey   Pirate Birthday Party

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