b01267gummycandies1  Party Candy: A Question of TasteRecently our niece came back with candy from a summer in Scandinavia. Throughout her nine-week journey she continuously sent email updates regarding what candy the Scandinavians love and how unusual their tastes are compared to ours. Many of their birthday, anniversary, and wedding celebrations feature candy strewn decoratively about the guests’ tables. Our family also likes to strew candy on the tables at a party. We especially like what is called, “Swedish fish” and the vast selection of “gummy” candies.

So what exactly do the Scandinavians like that we have decided we don’t? First of all the black licorice that we eat, even when it comes from Australia, is sweet. Their black licorice and many of their “gummy” candies are not only black licorice-flavored but also very salty with grains of salt crunching in our teeth when chewing. They also eat tar-flavored candy. Yes, tar! She brought home marshmallow-centered covered-in-marzipan and then in the “gummy” candy substance, that were shaped like every fruit imaginable as well as fried eggs and mushrooms.

Party candy choice is definitely a question of taste!

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