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We Can't Wait!

With spring officially here since last Friday, it’s time to think about all the wonderful outdoor activities that families can share. First on my list this year is getting my garden ready for a vegetable patch. I ordered my seeds, planted them indoors about five weeks ago and now I have little seedlings all sprouted and waiting to be set in the soil.

During the snowy, cold days of winter, my family talked about different jobs that each one of us would do in the vegetable garden when spring arrived. Now that it is warming up, we officially added some of the gardening chores to our children’s chore load. Perhaps if we have no more frost and snow, we will prepare the soil next weekend and plant our seedlings the beginning of April. Not only is our vegetable garden a great way to spend time together outdoors, but, it will save us money on our food bill throughout the summer and into fall. I have already begun to invent recipes to utilize our own produce.

A great article found in the Associated Press online news from March 15, 2009 supporting the trend for home vegetable gardens lists several websites that should help many of us “newbie” gardeners succeed.

Let’s hear from you about your gardens and how you involve your family!

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