family game Nothing Electronic Allowed Last Saturday night we hosted a potluck dinner with games as the evening’s activities. We told our friends to bring their children so we could all hang out and play together. When the kids heard about playing games, they began to discuss which video games they would bring. But then, we told them the intent of the evening; we would have fun without relying on electronic/techno gadgets. Only board and card games will be played.

We love “Rummikub” and our friends love “Uno” so we played four games of each. Then, the kids took down “Scrabble” and the fun began. With four adults and seven kids playing, time flew by and suddenly it was midnight.

The potluck dinner food was totally enjoyed by even the pickiest of eaters. Food was not the focus and it seems that when munching and playing games together, kids unintentionaly ate whatever was offered. The “nothing electronic” rule certainly paid off in creating a night of great people bonding amongst varied ages and stages.

Our night was such a success that we have scheduled another potluck-dinner-game-playing-night at our friends’ house.

Check out this site for great board game suggestions, reviews, and rules of play.

A neat trend in the last few months has been a big increase in the popularity of board games.  Are you playing board games more?  What are your new (and old) favorite family/friends games?

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