What’s cuter than a bunch of monkeys jumping around in party hats!?! If your little one goes bananas for apes, then a monkey-themed party may be just what the doctor ordered.

Chocolate covered frozen bananas are an easy-to-do must-have at this shindig. But don’t let the banana treats stop there! Tantalize taste buds with banana-shaped candies (runts has them), banana chips, banana smoothies, banana bread, and even banana cupcakes.

You can also get creative with party games. Pin the tail on the monkey, anyone? Tarzan dress-up? The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to check out our fun monkey birthday invitation, and enjoy this monkey inspiration board for more party ideas.

monkey theme party ideas Go Bananas! Monkey Birthday Party Inspiration

Image Sources: Monkey Playdough Party Favors, Monkey Basket Centerpieces, and more

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