200427683 001justlunch Just LunchJust lunch is a state of mind, not only a dating service. If someone is having a birthday, a baby, a wedding, any big life celebration event, one way to help that “someone” out is to just go to lunch or have s/he to your house. We just did lunch for a friend whose son recently got married. The wedding was a destination wedding and we could not take the time to attend. Missing the wedding was heartbreaking. We know the parents of the groom and the young man since his mom was pregnant with him. But, we couldn’t get away in March for his wedding so when she got the DVD of the wedding, we got together, watched it and then had lunch.

Saturdays are usually the day that we catch up on errands and get ready for summer Sunday entertaining, either at our house or someone else’s home. But, today, some friends and I stopped our busy lives filled with running around and shared a moment in a close friend’s life that now not only remains as a memory on a DVD. Watching the event with our friend, mother of the groom, enabled us to hear some anecdotes and feel the emotion of this fabulous wedding.

Make some time to start a tradition with your friends and take one Saturday every few weeks to share in each other’s lives! I “just lunched”…and it was great!

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  1. What a great idea! We just got back from our daughter’s wedding and we kept thinking of how to share her wedding photos and DVD. I will have a lunch for my friends who couldn’t go with us to Australia. Thanks for great product selection and really good ideas!

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