u15345204hometheater11 Invite Your Friends and FamilyWinter weather will soon influence how much we go out and for what reasons. Staying in with family and friends to play games or watch movies makes a weekend evening an anticipated event! Check out this room for watching movies and playing video games!

Not everyone can offer an in-home theater experience to guests. But sending out an invitation, creating a menu of favorite food and drinks, and setting up comfortable chairs in front of wherever you watch TV or movies, provide a “Film Watching Event” that can be easily duplicated by friends and family.

You be the first family to create the trend for a winter weekend evening of fun and film watching!

One thought on “Invite Your Friends and Family

  1. What fond recollections this brings to mind. When I was a child we gathered at my aunt and uncle’s home and played cards for pennies. I can smell the coffee and the popcorn now as my mind brings these pleasant memories back. Does anyone remember the card game, “Screw Your Neighbor?” I remember how much we laughed with the cards on our foreheads.

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