One of the best ways to plan a fun Baby Shower theme is to design it around a special cake that will serve as your table centerpiece! What makes a better impact than a custom piece of edible artwork?

A 3D cake is a normal shaped cake, square, round or rectangle that has been carved into a base form which is the foundation to create the final design. Then three dimensional molded designs are formed on top. These designs are often white modeling chocolate, but it can also be gum paste or fondant.

Check out some of these cute 3D cakes Inspirations below!

Ribbon How about a 3D Baby Shower cake?

3d Baby Shower cake Inspiration Board How about a 3D Baby Shower cake?

Did you have a fun 3D cake for your party? We would love to showcase your cake and your event. Email us at blog [at] storkie [dot] com

Happy Baking!

mandi How about a 3D Baby Shower cake?

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  1. I was wonder how much you guys would charge to make a african american newborn babyboy for a babyshower in May?

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