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Happy Birthday One Year Old

As I stood waiting for my turn at the local Publix bakery, I watched a woman pick up a cake for her one year old’s birthday party. I chatted with her and she showed me the gorgeous, decorated sheet cake. Then, the baker handed her another box with a personal cake for the birthday boy. I realized that a new trend is happening and I wish I had thought of it when my children celebrated their first birthdays.

I have witnessed the joy and delight of a one year old with her own birthday cake. I remember the little girl, who had managed to stay clean and fresh the entire party, being undressed and placed in her highchair. The parents then placed a cake with two candles on the tray and held her hands so she wouldn’t touch the flames. After we finished singing and she blew out the candles, they let her “get at” that cake. She looked at it, touched the frosting,  tasted it, and then proceeded to place her face down into the entire cake coming up for air with a huge smile covered in vanilla frosting and bits of chocolate cake.

Perhaps the old custom of “one for now, one for good-luck” with birthday candles applies to cakes too!

Do you have an anecdote to share about cakes for the first birthday party?

Please share!

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