200520227 001muralpainting Feeling Neglected   Being CelebratedEven though we made Easter, a Confirmation celebration looms, we’re planning a combined graduation celebration for the girls, and last year we held a big graduation party for our sons, the youngest son who turns 6 in June feels he is “not being celebrated.” That’s what he told my husband and me when we went to tuck him in the night that the girls, his sisters resolved the choice of their invitation for their upcoming shared-graduation party.

So here I am, online once again, to select an invitation for his “surprise, I don’t want to know the details,” party which he also says will celebrate his saying goodbye to his friends because he is changing schools for first grade, after the summer.

Perhaps being the fourth child brings added wisdom or life experience. Whenever he asks for something, he asks for an experience and not a “thing.” I guess that is why we feel we need to consider and try to act upon his requests.

So, our baby turns 6 in June and on the last morning of school he will walk home accompanied by his entire kindergarten class and several moms, as well as with his siblings and me as chaperones. I will have lunch ready and then we are going outside to paint a mural, a story of what each child liked the best about the past school year. I have a source for the huge roll of paper and the paints and brushes. On his invitation it states that his party is a surprise, moms are invited, and everyone must bring a smock and/or wear clothes that they can get dirty.

It sounds like fun! What a great idea! Perhaps we will start a trend!

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